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Blogging Software

13 Oct 2017

In case anyone asks why I'm using my own system instead of one of the good free packages like Wordpress, the story goes like this:

  1. I set out to use Wordpress, and installed it my server;
  2. I ran into problems as the latest WP version was having compatibility issues with the versions of PHP and Apache we use, resulting in what people in the Wordpress community call the "White Screen of Death". Since those packages are fine with the main systems on my server, i.e. the big dictionary project, I didn't want to upset things.
  3. so I fiddled some old software of mine to make a system which builds a simple and usable blog site based on interlinked WWW pages. Almost all vanilla HTML (one line of CSS and two snippets of Javascript.) It seems OK for now and I can change to Wordpress or something else quite easily later.

Bochi Bum: Delighted to see a hand-rolled blog engine in this day and age.

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